"As a Professional Wedding Photographer in the Offbeat / Alternative Wedding world, I am always looking for awesome, and helpful ways to spoil my incredible clients a little more. For roughly three years now, I have been in search of the perfect wedding planner workbook for my couples, and have yet to find anything even remotely comparable to Stacey Dyer's badass creation - AstroWed.

I ordered a sample planner the week AstroWed launched, and was in awe of Stacey's creative, detailed, fun and quirky approach to putting together the most kickass wedding planner ever. (Trust me, I've ordered dozens of different planners in attempt to find the right one for my couples, and NONE of them have ever come close to this level of awesome.) THIS IS exactly what I have been hoping to find all this time, and then some.

This past weekend, I got to gift my first AstroWed planner to a new booking couple. THEY LOVED IT! My client even called me this morning to tell me how helpful the planner already was for her. Her fiancé is genuinely excited about the wedding planning process, AstroWed helped break it down for him, and made him feel a part of planning. Most wedding anything really these days, really gears towards the bride, and the bride only, so he was super stoked to get to have something that he could relate to also. Both of them were so excited, and appreciative to have such an awesome resource to help them plan their wedding. She told me that she couldn't wait to start filling it all out, and even went out and got fun colored pens to celebrate. I have to say, its honestly refreshing to have found not only such an amazing fun tool to help my clients, but also one that appeals, and applies to all genders.

I LOVE everything about AstroWed, and cannot wait to make sure that every single one of my clients gets this planner! High five Stacey!!"

Heather Bailey-Ulichney, Retro Peacock Photos

"AstroWed truly is the universe's most kickass wedding planning workbook. It's not frilly and it's not full of fluff. It offers REAL advice to couples who want to plan an event that feels genuine to them. The workbook doesn't care how much money you have to spend on your wedding. It doesn't try to tell you that you HAVE to have flowers at your wedding. It helps to guide two people getting married (that's right, there are TWO people getting married, not just a "bride") through the planning process in a practical, helpful and super-fun way.

As a wedding planner and podcaster, this is a resource I will be sharing with my clients and listeners. Love it!"

—Danielle Pasternak, DPNAK Weddings, Put A Ring On It Podcast

"Extremely helpful tool! I am in the home stretch of my wedding day and this book has saved my sanity. It is incredibly well structured and allows you to easily get thoughts and plans down quickly. The best part about this book that me and my fiancé found was how it made wedding planning fun. It was a great tool to start conversations that we did not think to start.

I cannot recommend this book to enough people. It really opens your mind to a whole new way of organizing yourself in the wedding process. The way it was written it makes you think and be ahead of the game so you avoid having to do this a month before your wedding date!

The author did an amazing job at relating to the situations that everyone goes through planning a wedding and it's a lot of fun to use it as a resource!"

—Anonymous Happy Amazon Customer

"What a great resource for organizing your wedding plans and having fun while you do it! The worksheets help ensure you're asking the right questions when you start connecting with vendors, and reminded me of a lot of important questions I might have thought to ask the florist, but never ask the band, or vice versa.

I used to work as a wedding photographer, and wish I'd had a resource like this to recommend to clients who were feeling overwhelmed with the process. It's very accessible but thorough at the same time. Highly recommended!"

—Brad Swanson, husband-to-be

"Stacey Dyer has created a masterpiece. Beautifully designed, incredibly organized, and written in a tone that's fun, quirky, and stress-minimizing, I can't imagine how anyone has ever planned a wedding without AstroWed."

—Katie Eelman, writer + editor

"I'd recommend the shit out of this to my clients."

—Simone Ilene, Archive Photo