If we as a country can say ‘I do for all’ why is it so hard to find a wedding-planning tool that’s groom-, LGBTQ-, or just couple-friendly?

Boston, March 2016 — “Are you ready to punch wedding-planning stress in the FACE?” asks the home of Stacey Dyer’s debut book, AstroWed: The Universe’s Most Kickass Wedding Planning Workbook. The AstroWed book series is the world’s first space-themed wedding-planning tools ready to do the thinking for you by making those checklists work FOR you rather than AGAINST you. AstroWed kicks tradition in the teeth through a framework inspired by tech methodologies, neuroscience, and gender neutrality. “If we as a country can say ‘I do for all’ why is it so hard to find a wedding-planning tool that’s groom-, LGBTQ-, or just couple-friendly?” AstroWed knocks down the female-bride-only barrier and orbits around de-stressing and getting couples-to-be organized. The Universe’s Most Kickass Wedding Planning Workbook will be available on Amazon.com March 15th.


About AstroWed

Written, designed, and illustrated by Dyer, AstroWed smashes tech methodologies into a gender-neutral wedding-planning framework that focuses on the “how” rather than the “what” behind each wedding to-do.

“In planning my own offbeat wedding, I had no idea where to start. The only way to survive was to apply lessons from software and UX design.   

With its science and methodological foundation, don’t assume this wedding-planning workbook will be a bucket of boredom. “With AstroWed, my ultimate goal is to embody Amy Schumer and Bill Nye The Science Guy. A biting, comedic voice that delivers helpful processes that keeps couples-to-be bettering themselves along one of the most complicated journeys of their lives. Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life — not the most stressful.”

While the wedding industry acknowledges the stress caused by planning, many forums beam angry spotlights on the use of the term “bride- and groom-zilla.” AstroWed, however, embraces the concept and illustrates it as a bow-tie-, veil-wearing, champagne-toting space monster. The “‘Zilla” is defined as: “An alien-induced neurological condition that primarily occurs when a human undergoes extreme stress due to wedding planning, especially when focused on too many unprioritized details or microdecisions swimming around in one’s head, rendering all means of communication dangerous or nonexistent or both.”


About the Author

Beyond her love of science and science fiction, Stacey Dyer began her career as a graphic designer and has since led teams through creative problem solving, visual, digital, and process design, as well as strategic marketing. From her public speaking and workshop engagements, she can be found blending two unlikely things together to ensure the audience takes home the concepts along with a laugh. AstroWed embodies this work (space + weddings = YES), her training at the Hartford Art School, as well as her love of Agile, Lean UX, and other tech-related frameworks.

Dyer sees a brighter future for couples-to-be of all kinds. Through the use of AstroWed, she hopes each couple will find their own special space amidst the traditional wedding clutter. “Pick up the mold and smash it with me. Make your wedding day truly YOURS.”

The first book of the three-part series, AstroWed: The Universe’s Most Kickass Wedding Planning Workbook, will be available on Amazon.com March 15th. Until then, blast off to Astro-Wed.com for more information on upcoming releases, supporting materials, and intergalactic illustrations.

You can also find inspiring pro tips and sanity checks on AstroWed’s social media planets: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook via @AstroWedHQ.


AstroWed: The Universe's Most Kickass Wedding Planning Workbook