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Photo credit: Holly Rike,  Improper Bostonian

Photo credit: Holly Rike, Improper Bostonian

Stacey Dyer began her career as a graphic designer and has since led teams through creative problem solving, visual, digital, and process design, as well as strategic marketing. From her public speaking and workshop engagements, she can be found smashing two unlikely things together to ensure the audience takes home not only the concepts, but also a laugh. AstroWed embodies this work (space + weddings = YES), her training at the Hartford Art School, and her tenure in the tech industry. 

Dyer sees a brighter future for couples-to-be of all kinds. Through the use of AstroWed, she hopes each couple will find their voice amid all the traditional wedding clutter.

"Pick up the mold and smash it with me! Make your wedding day truly YOURS."