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Your Budget: How to manage the money behind your wedding – FREE WEBINAR

Learn the industry standards behind what each part of a typical wedding costs. Then learn how and why you may want to shape them to your needs because we're #nontraditional #amiright? 

Rock this webinar with... 
Your best self, and your partner, wedding party partner-in-crime, or close friend/family member helping you. 

Webinar Launch Plan: 
- 10 mins: Industry cost overview: Break the typical wedding down into its parts and look at the average cost. 
- 15 mins: Using the AstroWed budget worksheet, take a realistic look at what you can afford and what your priorities are. 
- 5 mins: What are the top 2 items on your list? What are the last 2? Why is this important to you and your partner? 
- 5 mins: Feedback: What'd ya think? 

Cost: FREE!

Location: Live Online Webinar! We'll send you a special link to access the webinar the day before.    

Duration: About 30 minutes