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Family Expectations: Learn how to navigate challenging family wants & needs

  • TBD: Tell us your preferred location & we'll meet you in the middle :) (map)

The holidays are upon us and what's more stressful than dealing with family members that want to help or are helping to fund your big day? Let's identify the common struggles of family member management during the wedding planning process and learn how to delegate, negotiate, and stand your ground. 

Who to bring to this workshop: 
Your best self, and your partner, wedding party partner-in-crime, or close friend/family member helping you.

Workshop Launch Plan: 

  • 30 mins: Arrival, snacks, introductions 
  • 15 mins: Sticky exercise: Write down all family-related concerns, problems, and constraints. Bucket into themes. 
  • 15 mins: Share themes with the group. Do they stand by themselves? Do they stem from common actions or inactions? 
  • 20 mins: Tackle these concerns using the Family Mission Control worksheet. 
  • 20 mins: Share your discoveries with the group. What feels better, more clear? What still feels challenging? What are your next steps. 
  • 10 mins: Group feedback