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Wedding Party Workshops


Delegate & celebrate! Grab your favorite cocktail as we divide and conquer to-dos with your wedding party peeps and big-day helpers. 

Only $79.00 per person!

Are you...
1. Worried about getting all this wedding stuff done by yourself? 
2. Wishing you could tap into the strengths of your wedding party peeps but don’t know how?

Try our Wedding Party Workshops!

  • 4-hour private workshop with author & coach Stacey Dyer
  • We’ll work with you to find the best workshop location
  • Free copy of the AstroWed Workbook for the couple-to-be
  • Learn how to apply the AstroWed Method
  • Superhero Roles Exercise
  • Tackle up to 4 to-dos together in teams (Minimum of 4 people)

How it works: Place an order for the total number of people coming to the workshops (including yourself and your partner to be!).

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Have a few questions on how to make this workshop rock? Send us a note and let's chat. 

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AstroWed: The Universe's Most Kickass Wedding Planning Workbook

This is the stereotype-crushing, genderless space-themed methodology you've been waiting for. AstroWed is ready to guide your decision-making by putting those checklists to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you. 

Inside this groom-, bride-, and LGBTQ-friendly workbook you’ll learn:

  1. How and why to cross out all the to-dos that don’t matter to you

  2. How to make stress-free decisions when it comes to your wedding

  3. How to use the Priority Galaxy

  4. Timeline-based clusters of worksheets

  5. Blank worksheets for you and your vendors, to help truly make this wedding YOURS

19.99 25.99
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Top 10 Wedding Decisions Podcast

Currently in production, the Top 10 Wedding Decisions podcast will teach you how to manage this big asks as well as how to punch the stress of them right in the face. 

Rather than turn this into another book, we wanted to take the content right to you with downloadable worksheets ready to support most episodes. Excited to find out when it's ready? Sign up today! 


DIY Wedding Decor + More Blog Series

AstroWed's DIY Wedding Decor + More blog series will offer tutorials on decorations, favors, and more! It will also include corresponding worksheets for each project to help you stay sane and organized. 

Excited to know when the blog series hits the mean streets of the web? Sign up and get the down low!